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 Funchal is a modern city that pays attention to its traditions with preserved churches, inviting museums, and regionally crafted wine. It’s also a walkable city, with a pleasant harbor and a cathedral more than 500 years old. It’s perpetually sunny but when the sun goes down, it’s easy to find entertainment and excellent food in its nightclubs, restaurants, and casinos, or in the world-class hotels that dot the black cliffs that surround the city.

Some associate the Monte area of Funchal with “toboggan rides” since originally this was a fast way of transport down to central Funchal for people living up the steep hillside in Monte. Wicker toboggans first appeared around 1850 and today they attract thousands of tourists who want to make an exciting experience of sledding at high speeds on a narrow, winding street down to Funchal.
These two-seater wicker sleds glide on wooden runners, being steered by two men dressed in white cotton clothes and straw hats who use their rubber-soled boots as brakes. The one-mile downhill journey to Funchal takes about 10 minutes, sometimes reaching a speed of 30 miles an hour, in contrast to the high-tech cable car going up to Monte.
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